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Podcast By The Bay

Featuring the commentary of Patrick J. Sullivan and Andre DeVito, the co-hosts bring forth the discussions of the day while focusing on solutions.  They highlight issues on the SF Bay Peninsula like housing, traffic, and education along with broader and global issues and feature interviews and feedback.   

Download & Subscribe all shows free from any Podcast site/feed/App-    ITunes  Spotify   Stitcher  Pocket Casts   Google Play    or listen to all of our shows below as well.  Contact Patrick and Andre directly at 650-670-8201 or by their podcast email at-

The Hosts:

Patrick Sullivan-  Recently a Democratic Central Committee delegate and the former Foster City Lion’s club President, Patrick is a solution based visionary, and someone that has his finger on the pulse of the Peninsula.  Patrick owns his own real estate company and has an MBTA from Notre Dame University here in Belmont.   His hobbies include road biking and being a public servant. 


Andre DeVito-  Andre's background is in Quality Improvement and he organizes/hosts discussion meet-up think tanks, loves to problem solve big ideas, and has an MBA from University of San Francisco.   He also has a BA in electronic media with a background in the radio and music production industry and his passions include music, mountain biking, philosophy, and photography.

Listen to all Episodes below-

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